Wednesday, March 17, 2010


 A photo of how small the needles are that I use with breakfast and dinner.  TINY!!!

Saw the diabetic educator again today.  I wasn't supposed to see her until next week, Tuesday, but she had me call with my blood sugar numbers and wanted me to come back in today to (re)learn how to use insulin again.  My numbers are good for a diabetic but not good for a pregnant diabetic. 

Chris is in Las Vegas on vacation with my brother and my brother's brother-in-law so I trucked Cadence in with me.  To my surprise she came as close as she could get while I gave myself a shot of saline and asked after, "Can I see the blood?!"  LOL!  Little gross baby!!!  She was very curious! :)  I was glad she saw it in a doctor's office instead of just all of the sudden to see me doing it at home.  She knows it's important this way.

For my own record, I take 10 units of long acting insulin in the morning, 8 units of Novalog with breakfast and dinner, and 20 units of long acting before bed.  Might possibly add a dose with lunch eventually but my numbers didn't show a need at the moment.

So I got my stash of supplies and started taking insulin with dinner tonight.  I could see the difference in my number after dinner already.  I'm genuinely glad.  Shots don't hurt... they really, really don't.  You would laugh if you tried it.  The needle is SO small and thin you honestly don't even know it's in there.  No sweat.  I got a little worried about it but when I did it for the first and second times I remembered how much of a cake walk those shots really are. :)  Mmmm... cake.

I'll go back again on Tuesday, as planned, to see her again and possibly tweak the dosage a bit more.  After that I see my OB on April 1.  I will no longer see the diabetic educator at that point since our insurance is changing ON April 1.  I purposely made that appointment for that day, smart lady.. I know!  I hope, hope, hope to hear that sweet little heartbeat on the 1st!!!!  Cross your fingers for me! :)


  1. Heartbeat day will be an exciting day. I am happy for you!

  2. Poor you coping with diabetes. My son mason is also insulin dependent but has worn a pump now for several years sparing him daily injections.

    You sound upbeat and happy. Thats really great.