Thursday, April 29, 2010


Had another routine appt today.  I got to actually *listen* to the heartbeat today for the first time. :)  What a wonderful feeling.  I recorded it on my iPhone and if I could share I would.  I sent it to Chris at work and it gave him goosebumps, he said.  :)  It was 160 BPM.  She also changed my due date in the computer and wrote it in as 11/8 instead of 11/9... sigh... whatever.  11/8 is Cadence's birthday lol.  I won't have this baby on that date anyways so I don't care what date they say I'm due.

They told me all my labs were great.  Even that dreaded 24 hour urine collection test was good... amen to not doing THAT again!

My next ultrasound will be at 20 weeks at which point I should be able to find out the gender.  Keep your fingers crossed!!  I'm looking forward to feeling the babe move between now and then as well.  I go back for another quick check in two weeks!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Yup... you read the title correctly!  I went in for my ultrasound on Friday and the doctor pushed my due date to November 9th now so I have to do week 10 all over again, haha.  Everything was great at the scan and we saw the beautiful heartbeat flickering away at 163 beats per minute (BPM).  I have pictures but I will need to see about getting them scanned in.  Really, they are just pictures of a chicken nugget-ish looking thing LOL.  Baby is so small still it was hard for the tech to get good pictures.  We saw the baby moving its arms at us but when she went to take photos they wound up being blurry blob pictures.  We'll take what we can get until Baby gets bigger though! :)

Cadence was along to see the baby as well and she was tickled pink to see Baby waving at her! ;)  She loved it and sat pretty patiently through the scan.

As for me.. it was painful!  I forgot how hard they have to push on you to get good views!!!  Worth it in the end, absolutely! :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I forgot to update last week after my first OB appt.  Already getting behind, not cool! :)

So, Thursday, I hauled my whole family in with me to my appt.  I figured at 9w3d I would for sure be able to hear a heartbeat and Chris insists on being there with me the first time I hear it.  That part isn't annoying, it's sweet, but the fact is -- we didn't get to hear it.  She didn't even try!!  I was beyond bummed, Cadence was beyond bored, and Chris was just, well, Chris.  He always stays calm and "whatever" in most every situation.  They were kind enough to order me an ultrasound and I was lucky enough to get a slot on Friday, tomorrow, at 8:15.  I'll be too tired to even worry about being tired.

They ordered a bunch of labs from me as well.  I went down and got about 5 vials of blood drawn and then they handed me a big brown jug and a "hat" for the toilet.  Oh man.. I have the joy of collecting 24 hours worth of urine.  I'm doing that today so I can bring it in first thing tomorrow morning... they want it fresh.. eww.  I'm sticking pretty close to home today because of it though... don't want to have to go when I'm out and have to rush home... nasty.  Enough talking about that.  Being pregnant and having to deal with a jug full of urine is not a good combination.

She did a quick internal exam since I had my annual in January.  She also gave me a breast exam and that was actually the worst part because of how sensitive they are right now... ack!  All was well though, ultimately.

So, hopefully I'll be back with some cute little bean pictures tomorrow!!! :)  Stay tuned! :)