Thursday, April 29, 2010


Had another routine appt today.  I got to actually *listen* to the heartbeat today for the first time. :)  What a wonderful feeling.  I recorded it on my iPhone and if I could share I would.  I sent it to Chris at work and it gave him goosebumps, he said.  :)  It was 160 BPM.  She also changed my due date in the computer and wrote it in as 11/8 instead of 11/9... sigh... whatever.  11/8 is Cadence's birthday lol.  I won't have this baby on that date anyways so I don't care what date they say I'm due.

They told me all my labs were great.  Even that dreaded 24 hour urine collection test was good... amen to not doing THAT again!

My next ultrasound will be at 20 weeks at which point I should be able to find out the gender.  Keep your fingers crossed!!  I'm looking forward to feeling the babe move between now and then as well.  I go back for another quick check in two weeks!


  1. Sounds is so exciting hearing the heartbeat isn't it???

  2. YAAAY! So much fun baby baking is!!!! :o)